Terania Street in Lismore to reopen but off limits to trucks

The road under the controversial rail bridge on Terania Street in Lismore, NSW, is to reopen to light vehicles from Friday, June 21, weather permitting.

This section, between Tweed and Peate streets, had been closed since February after a truck collision with the disused heritage-listed bridge.

The NSW Heritage Council has since approved the bridge’s removal but until then has installed what it calls “traffic calming measures” to prevent a recurrence.

“Our specialist engineers have designed and installed temporary road treatments to slow down light vehicles and restrict heavy vehicles from using this route, so we can prevent any further damage,” said Anna Zycki, TfNSW director region north.

Terania Street is now equipped with speed humps, a reduced 25km/h speed limit, restricted lane width, traffic islands and a surveillance camera.

“We’ll be monitoring vehicles on the east and west approaches to the bridge, ensuring those weighing more than 4.5 tonnes don’t enter the restricted road approaching the rail bridge.

“New ‘No right turn’ signs have also been installed for vehicles entering and exiting Peate Street and Transport urges all road users to respect the new traffic conditions, which are designed to prevent the bridge from further damage.”

The graphic shows the new heavy vehicle detour while the bridge is being removed. Image: TfNSW

A detour for heavy vehicles is available via Wilson Street, Elliott Road and Ballina Road. Residents wishing to enter or exit Peate Street need to detour via Pine, Crane and Tweed streets.

TfNSW said it is working through the heritage approval consent conditions and will notify the community when work is due to start on the bridge’s removal.

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