Truckies asked not to park overnight at BP site while works underway

Truckies have been asked not to park overnight at BP Torbanlea on the Bruce Highway in Queensland while bitumen works are underway.

The works will begin each day from 5pm on Tuesday, June 25 and will continue for up to three nights.

A poster at the location, which normally offers rigid and B-double access and parking, also informs truckies of the disruption.

Paul Wessel, managing director of Wessel Petroleum which manages the site, apologises to truckies for any inconvenience the works over the three nights may cause.

But he also stressed that fuel and food will be available 24/7, along with normal parking during the day.

“The only ones who will be inconvenienced are the ones who would normally be stopping here overnight due to the noise of the machinery,” Wessel said.

According to the BP website, the nearest alternative BP location in the area is a much smaller servo, BP Saltwater at Maryborough.

There is also a 24-hour Ampol Foodary at Maryborough North, on the Bruce Highway.

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