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Trucking ticks all the boxes for Ipswich driver

When I saw Bill Kiely on a quiet weekend afternoon he had just exited the driver’s seat of his Kenworth T610 and was surprised to see Big Rigs there.

But this gentleman of the highways was delighted to have his pic snapped and have a brief yarn before walking over to a nearby roadhouse.

Based in Ipswich, Bill works for Brown’s Citrus out of Gayndah and was carting general freight from Brisbane to Cairns.

“I have been with the company for more than six years and the boss is the best I have ever had,” he said.

Aged 56, Bill has been a driver for 35 years and enjoys what he does.

I asked what roadhouses he likes stopping at and his answer was swift.

“It would have to be the Morven Roadhouse,” he said.

On the subject of bad roads, Bill said the Miles to Goondiwindi stretch was a challenge.

I told him not to feel lonely with that answer because many other drivers agree with him.

His main joy in life when off duty is being with family.

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