Cummins issues recall notice for heavy-duty engine

Cummins has issued a recall notice for its ISL8.9E5 engine due to a software issue.

The defect impacts 33 units in the year range 2021-23, and excludes any variants.

The engine control software requires updating to ensure compliance with engine emission performance requirements.

There is no safety hazard and the defect will not affect the performance of the vehicle.

Impacted vehicles may not be compliant with the ADR 80/03 – Emission Control for Heavy Vehicles.

Owners of affected vehicles are to contact their nearest authorised Cummins service providers and quote campaign number C7036 to schedule an appointment to have the work carried out, free of charge.

For more information, phone 1300 286 6467, or email

According to the notice, the affected VINs are:

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