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Over 100km of rumble strips installed along key regional highway

As part of a $46 million spend to install rumble strips on key regional and rural routes over the next three years, over 100 kilometres have been added to this major highway.

The Audio Tactile Line Marking (ATLM) – or rumble strips – are located between Bathurst and Cowra on the Mid-Western Highway.

The idea of rumble strips is to give an audible warning to the driver if they drift out of their lane.

According to Transport for NSW regional director west Alistair Lunn, these rumble strips are a proven safety treatment in reducing the number of crashes by 15 to 25 per cent.

“The Mid-Western Highway is used by thousands of motorists each day including freight operators and travellers who are often on long trips,” Lunn said.

“If their vehicle leaves its lane for any reason such as fatigue, distraction or inattention, the rumble strips will cause a vibration effect to alert the driver to correct their path and avoid a serious accident.

“Our crews have been working along this corridor since 15 April installing the ATLM along the edge and centre lines and have now completed the task, so there’s 147 kilometres of rumble strips between Bathurst and Cowra – a journey of just over 100 kilometres.”

Crews have also been installing rumble strips along hundreds of kilometres through the central and north-west of the state.

Work will soon begin to install more of these on Mid-Western Highway between Cowra and West Wyalong, and the Great Western Highway between Mount Victoria and Bathurst.

“Safety is our number one priority and installing ATLM along some of our key regional and rural routes is a proven, effective measure we can apply to increase the likelihood that all of our road users get home safely.”

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  1. What a pity the money could not be spent making sure the highway is fit to drive on first. The state of this highway is a disgrace.

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