Speed limit reduced on section of Castlereagh Highway

A section of the Castlereagh Highway in northern NSW will be reduced to 40km/h, effective Wednesday June 26.

The changes will be made to Castlereagh Highway through the centre of Walgett.

Transport for NSW regional director west Alistair Lunn said a 40 km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area (HPAA) was being introduced through Fox Street as well as some local roads, reducing the current 50 km/h speed limit.

“Transport for NSW carried out a speed limit review at the request of Walgett Shire Council, with speed and public amenity being the main recurring issues in the community,” Lunn said.

“The town centre consists of a mixture of retail and business, the supermarket and cafes, the public library and council building, as well as the information centre and memorial park. The review length is also close to the school precinct and hotspot areas for students to congregate after school to socialise.

“Traffic consists of tourists and regular heavy vehicle movements and, as a walking community, there is a lot of ad hoc crossing areas in the CBD and a lot of pedestrians out and about in general.

“The introduction of the HPAA will improve safety in this busy part of Walgett and, by keeping traffic volumes to a constant 40 km/h, will also improve the amenity of the CBD.”

It will take effect along Fox Street from Montkeila Street to 30 metres west of Euroka Street. The HPAA will include Euroka, Dundas, Wee Waa, Warrena and Keepit streets.

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