Melbourne-based refrigerated transport company to close doors after 15 years

Melbourne-based C&C Express Refrigerated Transport is winding up its operations after 15 years in business.

Owners Craig Griffin and Cam Saddington (C&C) made the announcement on social media last month, but plan continue to make deliveries until all the equipment is sold off in the next few weeks.

“When they sell the last piece of equipment, then they’ll close the doors,” said a source familiar with the Laverton North fleet.

“There are little pieces of the puzzle going every week.”

Craig and Cam built up the business from one “old” ex-Booth Transport cabover in 2009 to 13 Kenworth prime movers and 19 trailers.

They prided themselves on being the ‘go-to guys’ for chilled and frozen interstate transport to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

“We have made this decision ourselves and feel now is the perfect time to leave while we are still somewhat on top,” Cam posted on the company Facebook page.

“I am sure the rumour mill has gone into overload already which was to be expected but our drivers and those close to us know the real deal, which is all that matters to us.

“Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this journey including some great customers, some not so great customers, some awesome guys at Kenworth and Cummins (they know who they are) but most of all our team of awesome drivers.

“We would have nothing if not for the guy’s that drive these things every day and give up so much.”

Big Rigs understands that all the drivers have since found new roles, and been paid their entitlements, but Craig and Cam have not decided where they’ll land next.

Our source told us that the pair are happy with their decision, particularly with the many challenges facing operators today.

“They didn’t want to work for nothing and we’re in hard times at the moment. It’s hard to get drivers, fuel’s up, wages are up, everything’s up. But the customers out there aren’t putting their rates up; if anything they want to put them down.

“They have some of the best rigs on the highway and best maintained, and the way they operate at C&C, people don’t want to pay for that quality anymore.

“They’d rather have a two-dollar shit-heap running up and down the highway with their food in the back and pay nothing to get it done, that’s if it gets done, and they [C&C] don’t want to be part of that.

“They’ve probably got one of the best names in the business on the highway.

“So, while they’re on top of their game, this is how they have decided to finish.”


  1. The customers will pay a lot more in the future as there’s been a steady decline in the median company’s like this one who gave reliable service eventually the price cutting companies will go broke

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am in the Bus industry same thing is/has happened to our industry. Bigger companies working for next to nothing to get rid of the little guys. Ultimately when the little guys have gone everyone will pay dearly when there is no competition. Look at Coles and Woolworths in the supermarket sector.

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