Regulator releases Tipper Body Design Code updates and rollout details

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has revealed the staged implementation dates for the revised J4 Tipper Body Design Code.

The changes were originally included in version 3.2 of VSB6 published in July 2023 with an initial transitional period out to July 1, 2024 which allowed modifiers to use either the original J4 design code or the former J1 code.

However, since the initial release NHVR has responded to industry disquiet over the implementation timeline to address industry concerns over barriers to the adoption of the J4 design code.

As previously reported the result has been a revision to the J4 code and a new implementation timetable as follows:

From July 1, 2024: The revised J4 code will be published on the NHVR website, allowing Approved Vehicle Examiners (AVEs) and body builders to review the code and apply for J4 accreditation when applicable.

From October 1, 2024: A six-month period will be provided to allow tipper manufacturers which have not already transitioned to a J4 design to start having their designs assessed by AVEs and J4 designs issued.

From April 1, 2025: All tipping body fitments certified under the J1 code must be completed to an approved J4 design.

The NHVR said this will be the final implementation phase of the J4 Tipper Body Design Code. There is no requirement to apply for an extension as the above dates will automatically apply to all AVEs.

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