Truck driver charged after Sydney school crash

A truck driver has been charged with possession of methylamphetamine as inquiries continue into the cause of a crash at Chipping Norton in Sydney at the weekend.

Multiple vehicles and a school building were damaged when the fully-loaded truck and trailer drove through the intersection of Nuwarra and Newbridge roads about 1.15pm, on Saturday, June 29.

Police allege the unit – which was loaded with soil – struck at least nine vehicles before continuing across the footpath and into the carpark of a church and a primary school.

The truck continued through the grounds only stopping when it hit a classroom.

The 21-year-old driver was trapped in his cabin for almost 40 minutes before he was released by Fire and Rescue NSW officers and taken to Liverpool Hospital.

Police have issued the driver with a Field Court Attendance Notice (FCAN), for the offence of possession of illegal drugs after methylamphetamine and an ice pipe were allegedly found within the truck cabin after the crash.

His licence was immediately suspended under Section 223 of the Road Transport Act (2013).

The driver was admitted to hospital where he remains while being treated for minor facial and hand injuries, and after undergoing mandatory testing; further charges may be laid once those results are received.

Of the two other people taken to hospital, a 33-year-old man was released earlier today after being treated for soft-tissue injuries, while his wife remains in hospital under observation as a precaution.

The truck will undergo mechanical examination while the building is being checked for structural damage.

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