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‘True character’ dreams of having his own business

Cody Sheffield is a true character of a bloke I first met a number of months ago after shooting his truck through Ararat.

He started driving trucks around October 2019 and is currently driving a 2020 model 4800 FXC Western Star with a 600hp X15 18-speed Roadranger, 4.56 ratio triple-rated truck.

Although driving trucks now Cody was a mechanic previously until an injury changed that. 

His grandfather owned a couple of trucks, his brother did Adelaide to Darwin every week back in the day, and also his grandma’s dad was a truck driver over in Papua New Guinea.

Just before Christmas in 2020, Cody unfortunately exploded his L4 and L5 discs in his back, and although he tried to go back to work as a mechanic, it dawned upon him that it just wasn’t physically feasible. 

So, he followed in the family footsteps into the trucking industry and hasn’t looked back.

On his travels Cody loves a good feed and the Goondiwindi Ampol tops his list for their roast pork gravy rolls. 

“They’re to die for” he says. He doesn’t often stop unless he has to, and they’re one reason he does.”

Cody sees himself as a new-age trucker and would like to give some advice for other new generation truckers.

“On the road, you hear lots of stories, good and bad, but be selective as to what you take in,” he explains.

“Prove yourself, look, listen, and learn and treat your gear with respect. Keep it nice and clean and tidy in and out as much as possible. 

“Yes, you get busy sometimes, but just put that little bit of effort in, especially if you’re interstate as that is your home.

Cody says you will learn something new every single day on the road without a doubt.

Away from the truck, he has a few things happening, but mostly, he’s head deep in work, and the truck is home.

If Cody isn’t driving or loading or unloading the truck, he’s usually washing it.

Cody has a dream to have his own business and truck one day, but in today’s world, he’s unsure of that next step.

Appreciate ya Cody!

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