Kenworth tops monthly tally in tight heavy-duty truck sales race

A huge month of deliveries for Kenworth has seen the Bayswater badge close the gap on arch-rival Volvo in an intriguing heavy-duty sales race.

In the latest numbers just released by the Truck Industry Council, 409 Kenworths found new homes in the month of June, 143 more than Volvo on 266.

That puts the perennial category leader now just 35 shy of the Wacol-based Volvo in the year-to-date (YTD) tussle.

Volvo, which has topped the monthly results for five of the first six months in 2024, sits on 1746 YTD and a 19.9 per cent market share, with Kenworth on 1711 and a 19.5 per cent slice of the overall heavies’ pie.

Isuzu again recorded a solid month with 254 deliveries for June and locks up third place in the overall stakes on 1248 YTD, or a 14.2 per cent market share.

Source: TIC

Of the rest, Scania continued to perform well, notching 164 for June to put some space on a close-bunched pack headed by Mercedes-Benz.

There has been a slight cooling off on sales at the half-way mark to the year, with a total of 1816 heavy-duty trucks delivered, compared with 2294 for the same month in 2023.

It’s the same story overall, with 5160 trucks and vans delivered in June, a dip of 14.7 per cent, or 894 units on the same month last year.

The tally YTD is 24,075 units, which is 320 deliveries or 1.3 per cent off the end of June total for last year which stood at 24,395.

Source: TIC

What doesn’t seem to change, however, is Isuzu’s dominance at the top.

The market leader delivered 1364 units in June, good enough for 26.4 per cent of the overall market.

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