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Queensland truckie loves the freedom of the road

A truckie for 15 years, Rob Moon has worked for S&L Transport for the past four and loves it.

Ron, 47, was parked up in his 2012 Western Star in Townsville ready to hook up a trailer when Big Rigs saw him.

“I have brought up general freight from Brisbane to here and have a similar load to take back,” he said.

The Western Star is powered by a 500hp motor with an 18-speed gearbox and Ron said it was comfortable.

An experienced driver, Rob used to do a run from Brisbane to Darwin and also another to Adelaide.

“I like the freedom on the road and all of the people I get to meet. Many characters included,” he said.

The worst roads he gets along are sections of the Bruce Highway and others near Miles and Goondiwindi.

“I came along the Bruce south of Townsville yesterday and it was terrible,” he said.

While Ron said he feels there are enough rest areas in Queensland, he qualified that remark.

“We need more with good facilities for us drivers,” he said.

His three favourite roadhouses are the BP Cluden where I saw him, and two in the NT – Threeways and Renner Springs.

As for hobbies, Rob said he didn’t have time for many these days.

“I am not into football but did used to enjoy V8 racing. But I have six sons with the youngest aged 16 and three still live at home and I love spending time with them,” he said.

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