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Truckie turned estate agent is the real deal

The world of real estate might seem like a far cry from trucking – but Liz Armstrong loves both equally.

Liz juggles driving for several different transport companies with selling properties in her local town of Millmerran, Queensland.

Though she admits life can get pretty hectic, she couldn’t bring herself to quit either job.

“When I need to, I work seven days a week,” she said.

“Life’s too short not to have a go at everything you are passionate about.

“I love trucking because there’s so much freedom. As long as I do my job, everyone I work for leaves me alone.

“But I also love real estate because I’m helping people achieve their dream of buying a home.”

Liz first got her MC licence in 2015 and loves the freedom of the road.

Liz, 44, developed an interest in trucks thanks to her dad, a boilermaker and part-time truckie who would sometimes take her on the road with him when she was growing up.

She started out driving garbage trucks for five years before getting her MC licence in 2015 and working her way up to bigger rigs.

She now drives part-time alongside running her own real estate business, Millmerran Real Estate.

“Sometimes I’ll do interstate for a mate, driving fridge vans, or I drive a triple for DTS Haulage,” she said.

“I make it work because Millmerran is only a small town, and sometimes I’ll have a quiet few days in real estate.

“But it all depends on how many listings I have – this week is crazy!”

She will sometimes have to answer calls from real estate clients while in the truck.

“I’ve never hidden what I do,” she said. “I tell them I’m in the truck and they are fine with that.

“When you run your own business, you’re always on.”

Liz “started at the bottom” and worked her way up to driving bigger rigs.

Her experience in road transport has taught her some valuable lessons, which she has applied to her other career.

“I think the main thing I’ve learned is, not putting up with shit,” she said.

“In the transport industry some people can just be rude, and I don’t want to deal with that.

“Now I don’t put up with rude people in the real estate business either, and I’m fussier about what listings I take on.”

Liz said her experience in trucking has helped her in her real estate career.

When asked how it feels to swap her high heels for work boots, she laughed.

“I used to work for LJ Hooker on the Gold Coast and I would wear dresses and all that, but I’m out bush now,” she said.

“I’m selling properties that are 20 acres plus so I’m not going to walk around those in a pair of heels.

“But I’m never daggy, even in the truck.”

She shared her advice for anyone getting started as a truckie.

“It’s become second nature to me now, but I would never tell anyone that driving trucks is easy,” she said.

“When you’re learning, people try to give you tips, when it comes to reversing or getting a trailer onto a dock or whatever.

“But I think you’ve got to find the way that works for you. If someone’s telling you a way to do something and it’s not working, try something else.”

As for balancing trucking with another career, she had this to say: “If you love it, make it work.”

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