Cutting edge equipment for safety and efficiency

Nepean Transport Equipment is thrilled to announce that its valued client, Ross Transport, has recently taken delivery of a brand-new, full-version NEPEAN Transport Roller Brake Tester, complete with shaker units and a compact scissor jack – all contained in one, Aussie-made package.

This state-of-the-art equipment is already playing a crucial role in helping Ross Transport maintain compliance and ensure their truck and trailer brakes are always in top condition.

Tackling the toughest terrain with confidence

Mount Ousley Road is notoriously tough for truck and trailer brakes. Image: NEPEAN

Wollongong, renowned for its challenging routes such as the steep 6km descent on Mount Ousley Road, is one of the toughest regions in Australia for truck and trailer brakes.

In such demanding conditions, having the right tools to ensure equipment remains in peak condition is imperative.

Ross Transport’s new NEPEAN Transport Roller Brake Tester is designed to handle these challenges with ease, providing reliable performance and peace of mind.

Supporting local jobs and manufacturing

Our equipment is locally made, demonstrating our commitment to supporting Australian jobs and local manufacturing. With over 25 years of experience refining our designs, our equipment is trusted by organisations of all sizes, including NHVR, Linfox, Veolia, and various transport and bus operators across the nation. Our goal is to help our clients operate safely, reduce service fault-finding time, and save money.

Real-world impact: Diagnosing and fixing hidden issues

During the commissioning of Ross Transport’s new equipment, we demonstrated its effectiveness by diagnosing a broken drive spring centre bolt – a notoriously difficult issue to pinpoint. A regular driver reported a strange vibration, and despite a technician’s thorough check, no visible issues were found. After a test drive, the truck was run onto our unit, which quickly identified the broken bolt. The issue was promptly repaired, and the truck was re-tested and returned to service in optimal condition. This swift diagnosis not only saved time and money but also ensured maximum fleet utilisation.

For more information, please contact our team at NEPEAN Transport Equipment by emailing vis@nepeantransport.com or calling 02 4647 6868.

Enhance your fleet’s safety and efficiency with NEPEAN Transport Equipment’s innovative solutions – where Australian-made quality meets cutting-edge technology.

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