David Meredith

Goldstar AMP-lifies green credentials

Goldstar Transport’s Sean Carren has never been shy of dipping a toe into the future – after the homework has been done that is. But a big part of the homework in transport takes place after the presentation is given, the specs determined, the graphs examined and the promises assessed. Read More

Test driving the new Kenworth K220 cabover

When you get to drive a pre-production truck you have to expect that some things won’t quite fit, other things don’t quite work, and squeaks, rattles and fizzes haven’t quite been ironed out. That was certainly the case with the new K220 Kenworth I drove from Perth to Coolgardie earlier this month.  Read More

300 Kenworth 909s in 20 seconds!

You could do a lot with nearly 300 Kenworth 909s. Like towing Suncorp Stadium down to the Gold Coast. But compress their combined power and torque into a single mind-boggling blast of speed that is all over in less than half a minute?
Read More