David Vile

mog Motel

The five-star Mog Motel leaves blacktop far behind

“Well, it’s a step up from swagging it I guess; we pick a spot to camp and go for it!” said Andy Harrison with a grin as he nodded towards his 1987 Mercedes Unimog 1700-litre off-road camper, which has been a back-shed project of his for the last couple of years.
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This old Atkinson is A-1

“It’s fairly obvious…you park close to the road and the amount of people that slow down or turn around and come back for another look – there’s always someone looking at it!” said Robert Rawlins with a laugh.
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1964 Pete a pioneer tribute

“This truck helps tell a story – it was the dawning of a new era for road train general freight to Darwin. Freight used to go on ship up and around, but Dad was one of the first to load general freight here in Brisbane and take it straight through to Darwin 5-6 days – it wasn’t done before he did it.”  Read More

‘Bud Express’ a crowd-pleaser

Think of a classic American trucking icon of the 1970s and the cabover International Transtar would have to be a contender with its imposing size, trapezoidal grill and trim styling carrying from the front of the cab around the sides.  Read More