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David Vile

Rhodes’ runners keeping sheep on the move

“I grew up around trucks but went straight out of school onto a handpiece in the shearing shed, being a rousie and shearing, until I worked out it was easier throwing sheep onto a truck than blowing the jackets off them,” said Nathan Rhodes with a laugh.  Read More

21-up for husband-and-wife team

In any endeavour in life, to reach a milestone of 21 years is quite an achievement, and in the case of Chris and Fiona Bourke of Complete Body Craft (CBC), who have built their business up into a highly regarded truck smash repair business over the last two decades, it is an achievement they can be well proud of. Read More

Now you’re really cookin’!

By the time you read this, the opportunity for a unique Father’s Day gift will have passed, but if you are after something for the truck driver that has everything, perhaps a custom-built, Kenworth inspired barbecue/fire pit might fit the bill nicely. Read More

Albury operator carries on proud family tradition

In a lot of situations, particularly in road transport, the connection to a brand or product can be forged over a number of years and in the case of Tommy Carr of Albury, the association he has with the Kenworth brand extends back three generations to his grandfather David Findlay. Read More

Swedish breed all the way

Since first being sold in Australia in the early 1970s, the Scania name has become a popular and well-regarded product on Australia’s highways with the famous Griffin emblem adorning Scanias in all manner of applications. Read More

Never late with the Scania V8

From its beginnings in 1954 to becoming part of the Toll group of companies in 1998, the bright yellow trucks and trailers of IPEC (Interstate Parcel Express Company) were a familiar sight on Australia’s roads. Read More