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David Vile

A Cleary Brothers classic

In terms of trucks that have burnt their way into the psyche of the Australian transport landscape, the Kenworth SAR would have to be one of the first truck models which springs to mind. Read More

An Atkinson fit for a King

With such a diverse range of modern trucks working across the country it is somewhat of a rare occurrence to see a truck that is still working hard with its owner in an association that began in 1980. Read More

Mick Dwyer has a few years and miles to travel

It is quite a contrast from a petrol-powered Dodge horse truck to a current spec Kenworth T909 with a quad fridge van, but it reflects the continual evolution of transport over the last 44 years, the length of time in which Mick Dwyer has been running the highways and outback tracks around Australia. Read More

Happy Haulin’ in southern NSW

Of all the people working in road transport and its associated industries I have chatted to in putting together content for Big Rigs over the years, it would be hard to find a person with a cheerier and more affable outlook on life than Troy Harris. Read More