Jacquelene Brotherton


Do we sink or do we swim?

With the change of federal government, new Liberal and National party leaders and deputies, hopefully we can plan for the next three years without anything too onerous being placed on the transport and logistics industry.  Read More

Working to attract more people into the industry

Well, the election is over, and the Transport Women Australia Limited Conference is almost here. The first one will have an impact on our lives for the next few years, be it positive or negative but our aim is for the conference to have a positive effect, not only for the weekend but for the future, both personally and professionally. Read More

Looking forward to making more headlines

Celebrating 30 years of Big Rigs Newspaper! Wow! what amazing stories we have seen through the years and how the world has changed. We could never have imagined in 1992, what we would have gone through in the last two years or how industry would have changed or indeed, our everyday lives.  Read More