Jonathan Wallis

snippets from the south

Work diary inconsistencies and other snippets from the south

Monkey business

It appears that a recent photo of Mick’s monkey companion in Big Rigs has caught the eye of George, a friendly Gorilla who had pulled over for a cuppa at the BP at Murrundi in New South Wales where he is doing 2-up with Des in a white K-200. Rex is a well-travelled Gorilla having put in many kilometres in an “Eggs and Bacon” T-600 (remember Sean?) and later criss-crossing Queensland and NSW in seriously bigger and more interesting rigs, and he reckons taking to a life on the road was his smartest move ever. Read More

Loving the freedom

It was great to catch up with Nigel Armstrong from Devonport again the other day, and under happier circumstances than last time we met, when he dropped in for a welcome cuppa at a local truck stop and roadhouse. Read More