Lyndal Denny


This ‘road rule’ has to stop

After an impressive industry year recruiting and supporting greater numbers of women into trucking careers, my first column for 2024 was to be a congratulatory piece celebrating a new year filled with the promise of greater employment opportunities for up-and-coming female heavy vehicle drivers.
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Female truckies’ day a huge success

Widespread acceptance that gender bias is not only passé but also a huge waste of potential was confirmed in spades during the recent month-long build-up to WiTA’s inaugural July 5 National Female Truckie’s Day – the birthdate of legendary Australian female truckie Toots Holzheimer.  Read More

My baptism of fire into trucking

One of the most common questions, I’m asked is how I transitioned from my tastefully furnished, softly lit east coast office – working for a Christian organisation – to a diesel, dust and sweat infused life driving trucks in one of the nation’s most dangerous, politically incorrect work environments. Read More