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Peter Anderson

Prioritising training over experience

The VTA received a positive reaction to the column in the last issue of Big Rigs, which dealt with labour shortages and how overhauling our migration system to attract highly-trained and qualified drivers to Australia would go a long way to addressing the crisis. Read More

VTA backs the push for minimum standards

It’s no secret that safety is one of the most important issues the Victorian Transport Association passionately advocates for, featuring prominently in our deliberations with state and federal governments, members and other employer and employee representative groups. Read More

Something has to give as industry feels price pinch

Australians are facing their biggest economic challenge since the 2007 Global Financial Crisis – and there’s seemingly no end in sight for the near future. From the petrol bowser to the supermarket checkout, ballooning inflation and supply chain disruptions mean everyday Australians are paying more for essential items.  Read More