Peter Anderson


Operators must act on rising fuel costs

Transport operators are certainly no strangers to fluctuations in fuel pricing, however the perfect storm of supply chain disruptions as we start to recover from Covid, geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe, and rising interest rates off the back of inflationary pressures are unprecedented.
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Golden chance missed for training reform

Training and education have always been hot button issues for the freight and logistics industry, with the safety of our workforces and workplaces, along with that of the communities we service, often in the spotlight because of the dangerous nature of transport work. Read More

Free rapid antigen testing essential to support supply chains

What a difference a month can make in a pandemic. It was only early last December that we were in the tail end of the Delta variant, with falling case numbers and cautious optimism about returning to some sort of normalcy in 2022. Fast forward six weeks and Omicron has taken hold to exacerbate already fragile supply chains, setting the scene for a roller coaster start to the year.
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Compliance and vaccine mandates crippling operators

The Australian road freight industry is one of the most regulated sectors in the world, with three tiers of government applying various levels of oversight to how operators go about their business. Regulation is for the most part well-intentioned, with the industry understanding some degree of oversight is required to maintain high standards in areas such as safety, emissions, and community amenity. Read More

Commonwealth support vital on zero emissions

In the lead-up to the COP 26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, and as the Commonwealth Government gears up for a federal election, likely in May 2022, public attention has turned to emissions policy and what steps will be taken by the government to support and achieve its new net zero emissions by 2050 objectives. Read More

Freight short-shifted in city transport report

As our larger jurisdictions in Sydney and Melbourne re-open their economies after months of lockdown, it is vital that civic leaders do as much as possible to attract people back to the cities for work and recreation to support and rejuvenate crippled businesses. Read More

VTA advocates for Covid compliance cost recovery

The onslaught of Covid-19 restrictions has placed financial, economic and social pressures upon our communities that has not been seen in many decades. Persistent lockdowns, closures and hibernation of business and trade sectors has seen many businesses collapse or withdraw and not invest in their futures.  Read More