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Peter Anderson

Common sense testing for truckies

As states and territories grapple with how to handle the worsening Delta outbreak in NSW, testing requirements for essential linehaul heavy vehicle drivers has come into focus, with discrepancies between jurisdictions a source of much confusion. Read More

Chalk and cheese budgets

Last month was a tale of two budgets, with the Federal and Victorian state budgets released within days of each other. Yet, despite their proximity on the calendar, they were about as similar as chalk and cheese. Read More

Bureaucracy continues infringing on reform

It was a privilege to represent the Victorian transport industry and the VTA at a recent Senate inquiry being chaired by Shadow Assistant Minister for Road Safety Glenn Sterle, that is considering the Importance of a Viable, Safe, Sustainable and Efficient Road Transport Industry. Read More

Loading zone shortage undermines recovery

Transport operators and their peak representative groups for years have been confronted with the important issue of maintaining reliable and safe access for drivers to deliver and collect goods from customers, as a key element in keeping supply chains moving, shelves stocked and customers satisfied. Read More