300 reasons to celebrate

When brothers Peter and Angus Wickham spent a pretty packet on a brand new Kenworth in 1978 to transport potatoes from their family farm, it marked the start of something big – and they didn’t even know it yet.  Read More

21-up for husband-and-wife team

In any endeavour in life, to reach a milestone of 21 years is quite an achievement, and in the case of Chris and Fiona Bourke of Complete Body Craft (CBC), who have built their business up into a highly regarded truck smash repair business over the last two decades, it is an achievement they can be well proud of. Read More

Now you’re really cookin’!

By the time you read this, the opportunity for a unique Father’s Day gift will have passed, but if you are after something for the truck driver that has everything, perhaps a custom-built, Kenworth inspired barbecue/fire pit might fit the bill nicely. Read More

Ryno takes the pressure out of insurance

Truck driving isn’t a job for everyone. It’s hard work despite what some might believe. Often those who are called to it can’t imagine themselves doing anything else. However, being out on the road for hours at a time every single day can take its toll on you and you may need someone who can help take a load off. That’s where Ryno Insurance comes in. Read More