Investing in the journey towards electromobility: new year wish list

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) and our members have been invested in the journey towards electromobility for years; attendees of the Brisbane Truck Show have been intrigued by the emergence of new technologies on display when the doors to the Southern Hemisphere’s largest showcase of on-road transport equipment opens every two years.
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Securing the future for the transport worker

Our New Year’s resolution for the TWU is making 2022 a year of enforcement. We are making sure that those in power who can be part of the process of change for the transport industry don’t forget the lessons of 2020 and 2021. We cannot let them forget what we all know, the vital nature of transport, transport workers are the people that drive businesses forward. Read More

What the hell is vicarious liability?

Vicarious liability is a legal term of which all employers and business owners should be very aware of and your vicarious liability should always be taken into consideration when making any business decision that involves having others conduct an activity on your or your business’ behalf. Read More

Is there a quick fix to the AdBlue crisis?

Misha Ketchell of theconversation.com believes that Australia is going through another supply chain crisis. Stocks of AdBlue, an exhaust fluid used in newer diesel cars and trucks to reduce pollution, is getting dangerously low. Read More