Before you say ‘it wasn’t my fault’

I would love a dollar for every time we hear these old excuses: ‘I told them the brakes were dodgy’ or ‘they tried to beat me and cut in front of me when their lane was ending’ or ‘they tried to bag me up on the inside on a roundabout’. Read More

Chain of Responsibility protects everyone

The aim of CoR provisions in the HVNL (and equivalent laws in WA and NT) is to ensure that everyone in the supply chain actively prevents safety breaches and aligns transport safety law, with the concept of “duty of care” underpinning Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) law. Read More

Missing: duty of care and respect for transport workers

Transport workers have become directly responsible for shareholder and management happiness due to the ‘Christmas-level’ workload in many yards. They have kept parcels coming to people’s doors, they’ve kept retail shelves stocked. They have delivered essential goods and supplies across the country under unprecedented demand and pressure from those at the top of the supply chains.  Read More