Plan emphasises road and rail projects

The Victorian Transport Association has welcomed a raft of new and improved transport infrastructure in a report presented to the Victorian Parliament by the state’s infrastructure advisory body, Infrastructure Victoria.  Read More

How the pandemic is affecting heavy vehicle insurance claims

If you happen to have been one of the unfortunates who have had to make a claim on their commercial truck insurance policy in the last couple of years, it is more than likely you would have suffered from a certain degree of heightened anxiety after you had received the verdict from your insurer’s claims manager or their loss adjuster (assessor). Read More

Need for flexible, adaptive fatigue management

Fatigue – and its effect – can be felt differently by different people. Some might feel drowsy, others lose concentration, and some might feel as though they can push through. But no matter how the effects are felt, fatigue in the heavy vehicle industry can be fatal.  Read More

Toll shows disrespect for owner-drivers

There is currently no stronger example of the disrespect for owner-drivers in the transport industry than the discovery by the TWU that Toll failed to pay invoices on time, despite an agreement in place over payments, on 5187 occasions. Read More

Safety must be the priority

Profit before safety, profit before people is not the road for a company to take when it comes to ensuring respect for drivers in 2021. We are in the grip of a pandemic and you are in the thick of it, a worker doing a critical job ensuring the wheels keep turning. Read More