Converter dolly makes waves

From proof of concept to national industry recognition, the ATA’s Industry Technical Council Converter Dolly Project has had a significant impact in the trucking industry, revolutionising the dolly market. Read More

Marine transit insurance is not just essential for boats

Insurance is said to have been around since the Romans and Greeks in the form of what was called a “Mutuum Loan”. It is believed that the Roman and Greek villagers used to pool their money (or goods) to enable them to pay for burials of their deceased family members, among other things which included the goods they traded by sea. Read More

Plenty to celebrate in a very challenging year

Amazing as it may seem, we have much to celebrate as 2020 draws to a close. We are still standing, a little battered and beaten and sadly in some cases without members of our families. However, in the majority, the resilience of the trucking industry has kept the country moving and supplied with all the essentials of life through the most chaotic year most of us will ever experience in our lifetime. Read More