Partnering for lightweighting win

It’s a partnership that spans 40 years or more, and that partnership is built on the shared values of quality, durability and reliability. For over four decades, J&F have been commissioning trailer builds from Muscat Trailers, with Alcoa as the wheel of choice. Read More

Keeping Your WALKING FLOOR in top condition

Choosing reliable equipment is key to operating an efficient fleet. Frequent breakdowns or complex maintenance requirements keep vehicles off the road, costing your business time and money. KEITH has spent the past 50 years designing a trailer unloading system aimed at providing customers the lowest cost of ownership of any moving floor on the market. Read More

Balanced wheels save you money

As drivers and operators, fuel, tyres and wheel balancing costs will dominate your expenditure, but you can significantly impact on these costs with balanced wheels, particularly when they are continuously balanced with every turn of the wheel.   Read More