Talking about a revolution: Test driving new game-changer from Mercedes-Benz

Over 100 years ago Karl Benz revolutionised the world when he invented the automobile. And the world laughed. But not for long. As soon as it was permissible to drive a vehicle without someone walking along in front of it with a red flag, transport was transformed. ‘Horsepower’ came to mean something else entirely.
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Doin’ the Dirty? Why not try Fuso’s new 510 Tipper

One of the stars on the Daimler stand at the Brisbane Truck Show was Fuso’s Shogun 510 S Tipper. With its black on white livery and ‘510HP’ emblazoned on its doors and visor – along with possibly the best-looking bull bar ever made – the truck attracted a lot of attention from those in the market for such a vehicle. Read More