2014 CATERPILLAR D6R XL Bulldozer (Stock No. 95843)

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Title 2014 CATERPILLAR D6R XL Bulldozer (Stock No. 95843)
Sale Price $395,000 Price ex GST
Listing Type Used
Stock Number MACHDOZ D6R 95843
RefCode TA1219907


Caterpillar D6R XL Bulldozer (Stock No. 95843) CAT D6 Dozer

- 7739 Hours (currently working may increase)
- 2014 Year Model
- A/C ROPS Cabin, SU Blade

Work done so far to machine (in the last 700 hours)
- Linebored equalizer bar centre on machine frame
- New genuine CAT fan belts
- New adjuster rod for fan belt
- 1000 hour service
- All new CAT filters
- Re-gassed and tested A/C
- Fitted sweeps (incl roof plates)
- Fitted new side/rear screens
- Fitted new door screens
- 3 x new ripper tynes
- New sump gasket
- New undercarriage fitted (rollers, idlers, sprockets, plates, chains)
- Sandblasted and painted in two pack
- Repaired hairline crack in fuel tank. Fully removed, gouged out, re-welded, pressure tested and re-fitted to machine
- New bottom blade hoses
- Rebuilt blade top backboard
- Re-skinned blade in 8mm 450 grade steel
- New centre blade trunnion and cage bearing
- New pivot shaft seals (both sides)
- New muffler box
- 1 x new cooler hose
- New outside cab filter knobs
- New tilt cylinder bottom pin and bush and brace arm bottom pin
- New engine breather hose
- New breather steel pipe and clamp fitted
- All new hardnose pins and bushes
- New heater hoses and clips
- New heater shut off valve, heater control cable and heater control mechanism
- 2 x new main lift hoses that run through machine frame
- 2 x new fuel hoses crimped onto existing steel fuel lines by hose shop. 1 more other new fuel hose
- Repaired minor damage to fuel steel line
- New blade centre h-link
- New A/C service port fittings
- New interior cab headliners (front and back)
- Reupholstered cab side interior carpet
- 2 x new genuine CAT floormats
- Reupholstered seat
- New blade cutting edges
- Fitted 1 new injector
- Spray welded RHS pivot shaft
- New RHS track frame pivot shaft bearings
- Re-sealed both lift cylinders
- New lift cylinder yoke pins/bushes/seals
- Re-sealed and re-rodded tilt cylinder
- All new bottom track frame wear strips
- New precleaner hat and body
- New equalizer bar pins/bearings/seals
- Repaired wiring inside engine bay near valve cover/fire wall
- New fuel pressure switch
- Replaced hardware for brake cable and adjusted to bring pressures into spec
- New turbo waste gate hose
- Flushed radiator and re-filled with new CAT ELC
- New thermostat and radiator cap
- Adjusted torque converter outlet pressures with some new shims
- Fitted new hydraulic pilot accumulator
- 1 x new transmission hose
- 2 x new coolant hoses
- New exhaust ejector pipe and clamp, new ejector hose and clamps
- New fuel cap
- New hydraulic cap
- CAT Pressure Test / Performance Tests completed
- New transmission cover gaskets
- New reverse beeper
- Fitted 2 x new washer pumps and 1 x new wiper switch
- New rear wiper arm and blade
- New transmission filter switch
- New fan belt adjuster bearings
- New bluetooth radio and aerial
- 1 x new final drive plug
- New gear pump o-ring and seal
- New driveshaft coupling x 1
- New deutsch plugs for front lights. 2 x new rear lights
- Tidied up harness on LHS of engine bay
- New joystick bottom lever assembly
- Adjusted diff steer control movement
- Fixed park brake valve leak with new quad ring o-rings x 2
- New A/C dryer, new A/C compressor, new A/C accumulator
- 1 x new A/C hose
- Some new ripper clamps and grommets
- New ITR water pump
- Rebuilt fuse panel (new main relay, new starter relay, new circuit breaker)
- Replaced fan hub assembly
- Replaced fan belt tensioner bearings and pulley
- Overhauled engine (new pistons and liners, new engine push rods, new engine cam followers and cam follower clips)
- Overhauled transmission (new seals, new bearings, new clutch pack friction and steel discs, new springs)
- Overhauled transmission control valve (including all new springs and orifices)
- Overhauled transfer & bevel gear set including all bearings
- New final drive axle seals

Wholesale Price ---- $395,000+GST

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