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Finer Hydraulics

314 Foleys Road

Derrimut, VIC

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Sale Price $27,750 GST Exclusive
Listing Type New
Stock Number 686994
RefCode TA1200391


FINER HYDRAULICS - RBH Bucket Broom 36`` x 2400mm wide Hydrapower'sforwards/backwards sweep road bucket -broom attachment is designed to give the operator the ability to sweep while driving the loader in either direction. The bucket comes fitted with pick-up points to suit the loader's quick hitch. The main brush shaft is fitted with 860mm x 250mm (34`` x 10``) individual poly and wire brushes. The standard set-up from our factory is with half poly brushes and half wire brushes. This generally gives the best performance as the poly segments pick up finer particles and the wire segments give support to the poly segments and assist in picking up larger particles. The main brush shaft can be rotated in either direction (for sweeping either forwards or backwards). The pilot operated cross-port relief valve will prevent the brushes from changing the direction of rotation until the brush shaft has come to a complete stop. This relief valve also acts as a motor spool, allowing the main shaft to free wheel if the hydraulic oil to the motor is shut-off without firstly idling down. When sweeping forwards the rubber skirting on the sides of the lid directs swept material back into the brush, preventing windrowing. Solid steel wheels fitted with non-greasable agricultural bearings are fitted to each side of the bucket to prevent the cutting edge from dragging or cutting into the sweep-up area. The main brush is driven via large displacement hydraulic motors (one at each end of the shaft), thereby eliminating the need for chains, sprockets and other wear parts. Fitted onto the motor shafts are large steel drive couplings with a durable polyurethane coating. The hinges on the lid run full length across the top of the bucket to give adequate strength and support to the lid assembly when dumping. RBH BUCKET BROOM Operating Press 150bar - 207 bar Operating Flow Rate 120 - 200 l/min Host Machine Size - Wheel loader Sweeping Width 2400mm Brush Diameter 860mm Direction of Travel when Sweeping - Forward or reverse Drive Mechanism Direct drive via coupling (2 hydraulic motors) Side Broom Option Yes Cutting Edge - Weld-on Finer Hydraulics stands as Melbourne's premier hydraulic repair service and machinery provider. Our fully-equipped workshop ensures an unparalleled service experience. Specializing in cylinder repair and general hydraulic services, we address tasks ranging from resealing to major machine refurbishments covering a wide range of industries including mining, earthmoving, construction, demolition, recycling, landscaping, and road construction. Our commitment extends to offering Australian made Hydrapower attachments, Ciclone dust suppression fog cannons, and Italian SIMA concrete mixers for sale or hire, setting a gold standard for quality and convenience in Melbourne's hydraulic industry. Go the the Finer Hydraulics showroom to see the rest of our equipment, send Finer Hydraulics a message about the item that you are interested in or give Finer Hydraulics a call, we are happy to answer any of your questions.