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Title XCMG XCR120
Price POA
Listing Type New
Stock Number S118
RefCode TA1159005


- Product Description:

XCR120 is widely used for lifting operations in oilfields, mines, road and bridge construction, etc.

1.Superb lifting performance:

  • 5-section boom of 48m.
  • Two jib sections of 9.2m-16m , with 0°, 15° and 30° jib offset angles.
  • Three boom telescoping modes, wider working radius and better application adaptability.

2. High performance:

  • 5-section boom of 48 m is the longest in the industry, the length of boom and jib can reach 61 m after jib is installed.
  • Large displacement dual-variable plunger pump with confluent main valve adopting XCMG patented technology integrated, leads to improvement by 13% in operation efficiency.
  • Large power engine + low speed large torque transmission system with hydraulic torque converter; acceleration performance is improved by 10%, the max. travel speed is 40 km/h and the max. grade ability is 70%.

3. Green and energy-saving:

  • New energy-saving hydraulic system with double-variable pump combined with a valve-controlled load-sensing system. The fuel consumption under different working conditions can be reduced by 10%~15%.
  • ECO energy-saving control, fuel consumption under different working conditions can be reduced by 5%-9%. Torque converter with lockup function, low speed large torque, high speed and high efficiency, and driving fuel consumption is reduced by 20%.

4.Science and technology intelligence:

  • Dedicated driving safety active protection technology is adopted to realize classified management, such as automatic warning, gear and speed limit, automatic brake according to different fault categories, in order to improve the active safety of the driving vehicle.
  • Intelligent boom system can standardize the operation of the users and improve the operation safety; it provides users with the most effective lifting plan, and improves the working efficiency.
  • Fault self-diagnosis system is adopted; there are 285 control nodes; automatic inspection and automatic diagnosis can be shown in real-time on the display.

- Product Specifications:

Model Number: XCR120
Brand Name: XCMG
Max. Lifting Height: 48m
Max. total rated lifting capacity: 120t

Max. load moment:
a. Base boom: 3567 kN.m
b. Fully-extended boom: 2117 kN.m

Boom length:
a. Base boom: 12.9m
b. Fully-extended boom: 50m
c. Fully-extended boom + Jib: 68.3m

Engine rated power/rpm: 220/2100 kW/(r/min)
Max. output torque/rpm: 1350/1500 N.m/(r/min)
Max. travel speed: 30km/h

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