Heavy Vehicle Safety Strategy consultation

Now’s your chance to have your say on the draft Heavy Vehicle Safety Strategy 2021-2025, with feedback open until April 30, 2021.

The strategy sets out the NHVR’s strategic ambitions to improve heavy vehicle safety outcomes and contribute to a reduction in the number of crashes, fatalities and serious injuries involving heavy vehicles.

“The Safety Strategy will be supported by an annual Action Plan, outlining the activities, responsibilities and timeframes for delivery that the NHVR will undertake over the next five years,” said NHVR Safety Director Greg Fill.

“This an opportunity to have input into the NHVR’s strategic approach to partnerships, creating positive change in individual behaviours and industry culture, and to drive the uptake of a modern, safer heavy vehicle fleet that reduces the likelihood and impact of crashes.”

The NHVR revealed that according to data released by BITRE, the yearly number of road deaths involving a heavy vehicle has been trending downwards, with a 2.5 per cent reduction over the last decade.

But Fill asserted, “Any fatality on our roads is one too many so we want to see that number continue to reduce over the next decade.”

To view the strategy and make a submission, please click here.

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  1. Why oh why must those of us within the industry endure more of this mind numbing BS! It’s a widely known fact that over 80% of accidents involving heavy vehicles are not caused by them, so why this continued push for bogus safety initiatives? Revenue can be the only answer, those employed by the regulator must be looking for a pay raise!

    I guarantee nothing beneficial for the drivers or the general motoring public will come of it, just like maintenance management is nothing more than ticking the boxes to keep the authorities happy, and just like PBS is reckless endangerment to the general public because road infrastructure is not there, and let’s not forget the McDonald’s wages for working under the worst terms and conditions in the country……you go Sal and team, tell us how we can be safer

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