Social media identity announces truckies’ protest action in Queensland

Popular truckie Tony Fulton, co-creator of trucking app Truckwiz and the Facebook page Tones Truckin’ Stories, has confirmed to Big Rigs that a well-organised ‘protest action’ will take place in South East Queensland tomorrow morning.

Although exact details are still under wraps, Fulton tells us that an indeterminate number of truckies – although expected to be significant – will gather on a major freight route on the south side of Brisbane on Monday, August 30 for “as long as it takes” to get their pro-choice vaccination message across.

The exact time, location and other details will be revealed at 5am on the day.

“We want a guarantee from federal and state governments that there will be no mandated vaccine, and that no person, company or business can force anyone to get a vaccine to work, or go about their daily life in general,” said Fulton.

Fulton says there will also be on-site backing from a number of politicians, including One Nation Senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts.

At the same time a co-ordinated truck protest will take place in Canberra with political supporters including United Australia Party MP Craig Kelly, who will take the protester’s message to parliament that same morning.

The protest action poster released today.

Fulton said planning for Monday’s gathering has been going on for a number of days, with steps in place to ensure it is done correctly and as safe as possible.

He says it also has support from “high-ranking barristers”, BEEFitUP Australia, a campaign to provide social and economic support to rural communities, and freedom rally groups, and he wouldn’t be surprised to see as many as 50,000 people in attendance.

Fulton said one of the main reasons Monday was chosen as the day for the protest on one of the eastern seaboard’s busiest freight routes was to quash the “ridiculous” online chatter about proposed blockades for Tuesday.

“None of that was coming from a credible source but it was clear to us that if something is going to happen, it has to be done right and it has to be done by people in the transport industry,” he said.

Fulton says he wants to stress that the protest action isn’t just about the rights of truck drivers.

“It’s not just about owner-drivers, it’s a stand for anyone who feels they don’t want the vax for any reason.

“In so many other industries people are being forced to do what they don’t want to do. It shouldn’t be forced on anyone to just do their job.

“That’s the other part of it too, yes, I can get the jab and go to work and make money but as soon as I get home I’m in lockdown like everyone else so what sort of a life is that?”

Tony Fulton is joining the truckies’ fight for freedom of choice when it comes to the jab.

Much like thousands of truckies around Australia, Fulton says he’s feeling first-hand the increasing pressure to be vaccinated in order to continue to work.

But Fulton says he’s also buoyed by the support of others in the transport industry and is prepared for any backlash.

“People have tried to go down the right channels to get their point across, but in the view of a lot of people the government are the ones breaking the law by doing this to us.

“So, they’ve left us with no other option.

“If they want to come in and bulldoze the trucks we are prepared that that may happen, but it’s really got to a head and every man has their breaking point.

“We’re fighting for freedom of choice here.”

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  1. You have the support of the entire country we need to stand together to stop these evil parasites ruining our country.

    Thank you !

    1. I’m a registered nurse and I am mandated to have the jab or I loose my job at end of September. I do not want the vaccine. So now looking at trying to survive as a single mum paying mortgage. Phoning lawyers who are all Inundated with cases. I am 100% behind the truck drivers.

      1. Shame on you. As a health professional, what are your reasons for demanding to be exempt from the greatest health initiative this century (i.e. vaccinations)? If you want to work in health have the vaccine or leave the profession. Maybe you should take a look at all the admissions to hospitals for Covid patients and those in ICU. Most of them are unvaccinated.

    2. I 100% support this action . We need a revolution against the tyranny. And this will slow the Globalist Puppet Politicians, that we The People” choose freedom over their fake ads security.

    3. Thank you so much for taking a stand. You are making the biggest impact. There are so many of us supporting you. We will follow you and try to find a way to unite.

      1. When I have a question about moving heavy things I’ll ask this guys advice. For opinions on vaccinations and public health I’ll go and ask a medical professional. The reality of Living with COVID means that people will suffer and die choking or live with heart disease for the foreseeable future. Go get a jab.

      2. Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts! My family in Melbourne are locked down and suffering greatly!

      3. We are in full support of your Action over the Ditch All of us ANZAC’S Need to Stand Tall & STOP The Destruction of Humanity & our two Great Nations as we STAND TOGETHER on 31st in NZ !
        We have the Choice to use Ivermectin or other SAFE Medicines to Protect us instead of being Subjected too a Global Experimental Jab with Unknown Results!
        Prime Minister’s ; JACINDA ADERN & SCOTT MORRISON
        or be Removed for TREASON Forthwith !

  2. So am I reading this right, there will also be a protest in Canberra tomorrow, Monday 30 August? If, what time? I’m assuming it will be at Parliament House, it’s this correct?

  3. Thank you to every single truckie for doing what u do. Without truckies we couldn’t survive! You are more appreciated than most of you realise too. And thankyou to Pauline Hanson, Craig Kelly
    those who will lose so much ny standing up for all of us and every single person who is standing up for
    those of us that cant physically be there! Myself and my partner are right behind all of you, he sends his support and appreciation too. I have been shut down from social media a few times for trying to defend our rights to many things and recently for objecting to their euthanasia needle. This world is twisted. They allow full term abortion, fund safe injecting rooms for. Junkies to inject illegal drugs, allow pedos to live freely (often near schools) yet force ppl to have a trial vaccine that has been proven deadly, has horrific side effects and doesn’t stop anyone from getting or spreading their flu!I am pro choice pretty much everything. Not my body, not my problem. But the hypocrisy, corruption, lies and brainwashing has to stop. Will be with you all in spirit on Monday, stay safe!!!

  4. Thankyou truckies for what you’re doing for those of us who are awake and want to be heard. Someone has to break this spell that has befallen the complicite Australian people who are happy to roll over and die. Well I won’t be doing that and I ain’t getting the jab.

    1. Best wishes to you all for doing what many of us can’t – making an impact and having your voices heard. With you in spirit from WA

      1. This is an open letter to Australian politicians who have allowed our country to become a place I no longer recognise. We are told that what you are doing is “legal”…. just like sex. But you have lost my consent. In fact, I don’t remember you ever asking.

        So let me be clear. You DO NOT have my consent to crush our way of life. To criminalise me for going further than 5 kilometres from my home. To set up police checkpoints on our roads – roads that I paid for, when I used to be allowed to work, when I used to be allowed to leave my home without explaining myself to someone in uniform.

        You DO NOT have my consent to keep me from my family. To tell me “we are all in this together” while forcing us to stay apart. To lecture me about the morality of seeing people I love or checking in on a neighbour I pass at the shops. To make me “register” to see a friend. What sort of nightmare are you creating?

        Who are you to tell me it is “good” to obey you, and “bad” to defy you? To come onto my screen daily and lecture me on my “behaviour”. To position a police officer behind you every time you speak. To hide behind public health officials. To threaten me with jail if I don’t listen. To fly police helicopters over my neighbourhood. To put the “riot” squad and the military on our streets (for our own good, of course). Who are you to decide what is “good” and “bad”, and to enforce your new world order with weapons?

        The only type of “bad” I recognise is the powerful forcing the weak to do something against their will.

        You DO NOT have my consent to confiscate my right to protest. To paint those who make their voices heard as bad people. To pretend they punch horses. To use the dark tools of propaganda. To tell us they are criminals. What are you really scared of?

        This is a hostage situation, dressed in the language of public health. You have created a nasty police state, a dystopian nightmare, an ex-democracy, a petty dictatorship. You are frightened of your own people, and you don’t want them to be heard. You need the media to serve up its daily offering of fear porn. Who knew that you guys would work so well together?

        None of you have lost a dollar, of course. None of you have volunteered to stop drawing a salary, to accept $320 disaster payment instead of making a living. You are the worst type of hypocrites, lecturing on the morality of a pain you do not share.

        And now you encourage us to call the police on each other? To be a nation of dobbers. To distrust our neighbours. How deep are the scars you are creating?

        You DO NOT have my consent to trap me in this country. To make me seek an “exemption” to leave. To decide where I must live my life. Is there any clearer sign that you have lost the consent of the governed than to force them to stay?

        How dare you masquerade as our saviours. Our behavioural masters. Our moral enforcers. Our life extenders. I do not want your “protection”.

        You have forgotten what you are. ‘Public servants’. Think about those words. Don’t twist them. Why don’t you let us be the judge of our own safety? Let those who wish to hide, hide? How dare you make these decisions on my behalf. You are destroying our lives in order to save them.

        You are no longer ‘public servants’. Instead, you demand the public’s obedience down the barrel of a gun. How have you become convinced that using force to prevent people from moving freely is anything other than criminal?

        You are destroying everything I love about this country: our bravery in the face of danger, solidarity between neighbours, the strength to muddle on, the freedom to come and go as we please.

        Let’s be clear: there are many who despise you. These are the ones you are trying to silence. These are the ones you are afraid of. They are growing in number and they are enraged by your conduct.

        You will never have our trust again. We don’t propose to “put all this behind us” when the pandemic is eventually over. You have broken something beautiful, and it will stay broken long after this is gone.

        1. Exactly!! I cannot add anything to such an eloquent summary of how it really is… (ie when you’re not in the indoctrinated fantasy land of Sheepleville!!) My deepest love, gratitude and support go out to the truckies; who are our ‘army’ in this war. They are true heroes who will go into the annals of history as those that saved a nation. Lest future generations forget.

        2. George and all the Australian Truckies taking action…thank you! Throughout history, in the face of tyranny, someone has to make a stand and protect the weak. I trust that your strength in taking this action, will be the stuff of legend for generations of adults and children when looking back on this most darkest of time in our Countries history. Our Government has been taken over by foreign powers and are acquiescing to their influence. Seeing our Country and our fellow Australian’s treated with such utter disregard for our lives, is the most despicable situation that anyone could ever imagine. The arrogance and contempt being displayed to our people by the health authorities and Government Politicians and bureaucrats, and the Police is simply unacceptable. If we allow this to continue, there is no end to the agendas being played out continuing and until we are nothing more than human labour farm animals . The Romans downfall was their stretched and broken supply chain. So to have our Nations Truckies taking action will most certainly have a significant and pivotal role in weakening these evil tyrants agendas. Thanks again, best wishes and may you all be forever remembered for your efforts.

        3. Thanks for your words…they echo mine. We must stand together to end this atrocious behaviour by bureaucrats.
          Massive thanks to our truckies too. .. you are standing up against this tyranny for all of us.

    2. Right on from Northern California!

      Stick it squarely in the eye of your tyrant authoritarian government! As bad as it is here in the States, we watch in appalled horror at what’s happening in Oz!

      You must draw that proverbial’ ‘red line’ in the sand and DO NOT let them cross it!

      Strength And Honor

      Jake Shadow

  5. This brought tears to my eyes. You guys are absolute heroes. We are all being imprisoned in our homes & our society is being torn apart. Our children are suffering in the most severe of ways – I know this because I work in Child Protection. No one knows how to deal with this tyranny because most Australians have never had to face this before. I hope all the truckies know that Australians are right behind you. We are grateful to you beyond measure. You truly are heroes & when you look at your friends, family & children I hope you will hold your heads high knowing that you took a stand to protect your loved ones, your community & our country against this tyranny. Thank you

  6. I am so glad the Truckies are taking a stand. Both State & Federal governments need a rocket put up their #rses. No way are we being forced to have an experimental covid shot. Australia used to be a democratic nation and a free country. These unelected government beaurocrats along with their dictatorial fascist State Premiers should all be sacked and locked up.

  7. Good on ya fellas. Unfortunately I’m not in NSW, otherwise I’d park my Ute with ya.

    1. Good luck everyone and thank you so much for standing up for us all. Bring down this corrupt govt. We stand together with you.

  8. I’m an Aussie living across the ditch. We have governments on both sides of the Tasman that are behaving illegally and with out regard of human rights. Their behaviour malevolent and not for our own good. I support the truckies and their actions. Good on them, I wish them well and hope everyone with a function brain stands with them too.

  9. Good on you boys I back you 100% so happy to see that you all have the balls to stand up to this treasonous corporation wish I could be there with you all but that is impossible for me due to age and disabilities but I am there in heart and spirit right along side of you. Thank you god bless each and everyone of you xxxx

  10. Fully support your efforts in highlighting the injustice and fraud in state & federal govt actions against the people of Australia.

  11. Bravo !!! …. Makes me want to rent a truck just to join in the fun and do my bit to end this tyrannical behaviour by our state and federal governments. Cheers and support going in your direction from Victoria.

  12. Good on you guys I had the jab or should I say was forced to have jab or I had no job . I would never have got the jab otherwise . Being a single mum well what could I do . So we’ll done guys

  13. Go Truckies! We are 100% behind you! We have suffered these psychopaths mandates far too long. They all need to go! Thank you all so much for standing up for our constitutional rights. The lies and corruption needs to stop. History in the making! Love will prevail.

  14. Good on you fellas, hopefully you’ll wake up NZ as well, although I doubt our media will even report it. All the best

  15. 100% support and respect for this stand for pro choice
    Thank you 🙏 we cannot stand for this ridiculous dividing of our beautiful country and people

  16. Go truckies. We need to take this corrupt government down. If anyone can do it or will be you. Good luck.

  17. God and the people are with you, every one of you.

    There will be medals struck in recognition of this huge action, which believe me is going to be war, when we consider the fascists currently destroying our beautiful democracy now have nowhere to hide….they have no clothes!

    They know they’ve crossed the proverbial Rubicon, and they also know there’s absolutely no honorable way back.

    They know the people are totally awake to their treason and will not allow them to adopt a business as usual stance after this NATIONAL blockade has driven them from office….which it must do, otherwise we have LOST THE BATTLE.

    It is to be fervently hoped the police and military will recognise right from wrong and refuse to take orders from all renegade governments whose policies now bear absolutely no resemblance to those according to which their constituents elected them!

    Those constituents have been electorally swindled and deceived!

    Remember Sir John Kerr?

    He sacked a federal government for far less than the treason that the Morrison government, along with its patty-poodle followers, the ALP, is currently wreaking upon the innocent, trusting Australian people.

    On this occasion it seems the Governor General, David Hurley, is also part of the problem and must also go if he doesn’t act immediately to remove the renegade Morrison government and restore Australia’s hard fought for democracy, a concept he should well understand as a former Australian military officer.

    Removal of all the fascist state premiers and their acolytes will be a separate issue, but must be done to totally cleanse our politics of the ingrained Communist filth.

    I have no other words than to wish all our brave ‘road warriors’ safety and success……!!

    The nation is right behind you gentlemen!

  18. Good on you guy’s I stand with you against the government, I believe borders should be down so all states can breath again, 100% support here from WA

    1. Well Done The Truckies!

      Everyone should read All the comments, they are great, especially George’!

      The Australian and New Zealand Governments policy of “Zero Cases” is madness! As is forcing an Experimental
      vaccine on Anyone! Especially one which does appear to have a growing list of very serious life threatening adverse effects!

      So, forget the vaccine. We can live with flu. Freedom of choice for those who want it and for those who don’t !

      For Me, Bali is calling! I am 100 percent behind “Truckers”!!!

  19. Have been apart of the stand I the park movement and have felt we need to do something bigger and this will either be it or the start of it. Full support to you and all the drivers that stand beside you.

  20. My Dad who was in the military for 25 years and went to war for this beautiful country, Australia, wanted me to leave you a message of support and tell you that he thanks you all for all you are doing and he wishes he could be there to help!

  21. Thank you from the bottom of my heart there are so many of us who are awake and support you wonderful human beings it is time for Australia to wake up god bless every single one of you

  22. Thank you so much for this important work you are doing, my full support is with you, sending love to you and your families, true warriors!

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