Bushfires keep Brett busy

Brett Macklin is doing the rounds of his B-double with an iron bar in his hands, checking all the tyres on his 19-metre log trailers after a run down Dunstan’s Road to Nariel in the upper reaches of north-eastern Victoria.

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Race is on to get job done

It has just gone 8.30am and Craig Radford works his way up through the gears as he heads out of the little town of Benambra in a remote corner of the north-east Victorian alpine region, with another long day hauling timber on the schedule.

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Transport legend will just keep truckin’

“I’ll just keep going as long as I can. When I can’t do it anymore, that’s when it’s time to give up. A fella asked me a few years ago, ‘When are you going to retire?’ And I said I’ll retire when they start to dig the hole. My mother lived to 107 so I’ve got a bit to go to catch her age haven’t I,” said Bill Ferguson, who recently celebrated his 88th birthday.

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Iveco helps Visy through busy time

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, panic-buying hasn’t been an unfamiliar site. This has left many companies in the supply chain struggling to keep up with extra demand, including packaging and recycling giant Visy – but Iveco’s offer of demonstration trucks has helped the business keep up with the added load.

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We must all play our part to improve driver safety

The National Road Freighters Association (NRFA) recognises that road safety has many facets and affects all on the road, not just truck drivers. Many of our efforts and policies are directed to and or include, aspects of road safety and with Road Safety week upon us now, it is timely to reiterate some of the things we think require further focus and work, to achieve improvements for all.

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Have a plan before it goes sideways

Truckies are invariably the first on the scene of an accident or incident on the road, and it pays to be prepared, writes veteran driver Mike Williams, as part of our coverage of National Road Safety Week, brought to you by NTI.

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