Mick Dwyer has a few years and miles to travel

It is quite a contrast from a petrol-powered Dodge horse truck to a current spec Kenworth T909 with a quad fridge van, but it reflects the continual evolution of transport over the last 44 years, the length of time in which Mick Dwyer has been running the highways and outback tracks around Australia.

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Solid start for Kenworth in 2021

Perennial heavy duty sales winner Kenworth has picked up where it left off in 2020 and announced its intentions early in the first Truck Industry Council’s T-Mark figures for the year.

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Race is on to get job done

It has just gone 8.30am and Craig Radford works his way up through the gears as he heads out of the little town of Benambra in a remote corner of the north-east Victorian alpine region, with another long day hauling timber on the schedule.

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