AdBlue supplier allays shortage concerns

In an update issued by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), a local AdBlue supplier says there will be plenty to go around come Christmas time, despite a major urea processing plant set to close before the year’s end. Read More

Experts in AdBlue storage

Whilst Australians wait for a long-term solution for the supply of AdBlue, Incitec Pivot hit a milestone producing of over three million litres of AdBlue at the end of January, representing around 75 per cent of Australia’s AdBlue needs as reported by the Energy Minister Angus Taylor to ABC News.  Read More

Fuel legislation lacking, warns expert

John Blackburn, former deputy chief of the Royal Australian air force and an expert on fuel security has weighed in on the current AdBlue situation, saying it’s no surprise the federal government is dragging its heels and may not even have the power to legislate change. Read More

Is there a quick fix to the AdBlue crisis?

Misha Ketchell of believes that Australia is going through another supply chain crisis. Stocks of AdBlue, an exhaust fluid used in newer diesel cars and trucks to reduce pollution, is getting dangerously low. Read More