For the cool operator

There are enormous benefits to using a parking cooler in your truck cabin.  Keeping the cabin as comfortable as possible by regulating the temperature and humidity during rest and sleep stops allows drivers to rest and recover optimally which can increase alertness and therefore safety while driving.   Read More

ADRAD: Australia’s leader in quality cooling

Adrad is Australia’s leader in aftermarket radiators, intercoolers and air conditioning products, with the largest range, extensive distribution and the best support networks. Being the country’s largest radiator manufacturer and supplier means there is a wealth of experience behind every that part Adrad offers. Read More
Keeping-it-Cool-Gatton Auto Electrical

Cool solutions ahead of the heat of summer

As many truckies would attest, a properly working in-cab air conditioning system can make a world of difference while behind the wheel during the peak of summer. Based in Queensland’s picturesque Lockyer Valley, Gatton Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning understands this very well, providing a full range of air conditioning services for all types of vehicles, including trucks. Read More