Taking a shine to your Kenworth

Kenworth drivers take great pride in keeping their rigs looking good and a new range of genuine cleaning products that has been specifically formulated for Kenworth trucks makes it easier than ever to keep your truck’s paint and chrome gleaming. Read More

A long and proud history

McColl’s has a long and proud history in the management of bulk chemicals logistics. It has been transporting an array of dangerous goods and other industrial chemical products since the early 1970s. Read More

The diesel storage debate

Poly versus steel? Here are the pros and cons to help you decide which one is better for you. Around the world, especially throughout Europe, polyethylene tanks dominate steel when it comes to storing 10,000 litres or less of diesel. However, Australia lags behind in its take-up. Read More

Coolant colour confusion

There’s plenty of confusion in forums these days about the colour of heavy-duty coolants. Does it indicate anything about the chemical make-up of the coolant or is it just a brand to brand thing? Read More