Hauling corrosive liquids

Things like fertiliser, acids or saltwater can be tricky to handle. The tank has to be made from the right material. Most operators seem to prefer stainless steel or polyethylene.  Australia’s leading supplier of pumps for tanker applications, Australian Pump Industries, offers a full range of pumps for difficult applications.  Read More

Steamy Aussie Pumps deals

Big rig owner operators, fleet owners and truckies generally have a problem keeping their equipment clean and well maintained. It’s a challenge that Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure cleaning equipment, understands very well. It’s not just about cosmetics but rather has a direct impact on maintenance and consequently operating costs.  Read More

Truckies can come clean

One Australian company has designed hot wash and steam cleaners specifically for Australian users. That company, Australian Pump Industries (Aussie Pumps), is proud of pulling together designs that really suit the heavy earthmoving and transport industries. Read More