The right tools for the job

At the Brisbane Truck Show, Truck Tools will showcase a range of specialty heavy vehicle service tools, with company owner Mark Heldoorn there to answer any technical questions around service, maintenance and workshop needs. Read More

Hitting a cool number 1000

David Saliba and Lino Debono have been in business together for over 25 years. They had been fitting air conditioning units by other manufacturers for many years, when they decided to add their own brand into the mix – the Coolabah, with over 1000 of these now produced. Read More

Shining brighter with Narva Ultima LED MK2

In 2017, Narva lauched its Ultima LED 215 range, featuring a class-leading hybrid beam pattern that provided outstanding volume and penetration. These models set industry benchmarks and became a favoured light across a range of applications where lighting performance was critical. Read More