A change of scenery

“I’ve been here with Norton’s for nine and a half years now, and I reckon they are a great outfit to work for, in fact they are such a good mob that the only way a job ever comes up here is if someone dies!” said Wayne Anderson from Burnie. Read More

Transporting “anything and everything”

Well things are surely progressing apace with the renovations at Mood Food, the 24-hour Truckstop at Kempton, and it was great to catch up with Peter Smith from Geilston Bay, who had recently fuelled up at the new dedicated diesel area, while he was enjoying a break there on a rather cool summer’s day. Read More

30 years on the road

Driving through Epping Forest recently, we stopped over at the Caltex for a break when our old mate Damien Viney from Ulverstone rolled in for the same reasons, driving a Chas Kelly’s recent 450 Volvo Euro 5 and towing a fridge pan. Read More

Loving the freedom

It was great to catch up with Nigel Armstrong from Devonport again the other day, and under happier circumstances than last time we met, when he dropped in for a welcome cuppa at a local truck stop and roadhouse. Read More