New Mack Anthem on song

It has taken a few years, but finally the new Mack Anthem has arrived in Australia, but the pandemic has meant it will not be launched with all the traditional razzamatazz. Read More

Isuzu – it’s all in the detail

Well the chassis is the same, and the driveline formula – 3-litre turbo diesel and manual or auto transmission – is basically the same, but the detail is far more impressive than much of the competition, at the moment. Big Rigs takes the new D-Max for a spin. Read More
Mitsubishi-Express test drive

‘Express’ing itself down under

It’s taken nearly a decade, but Mitsubishi is back in the game, this time with a French solution. It’s the first fruits of the Renault/Mitsubishi alliance that have fallen from the tree and it’s arriving in Aussie dealerships. Read More