New Austyre Adventurer has arrived

Austyre is a leading private label brand that has been engineered in Australia for Australian roads and trucks for over 20 years. The Austyre truck tyre range is the product of local knowledge, strong Aussie support and a can-do attitude. Read More

Trailer tyres that are wider and deeper

Are you still looking for the cheapest trailer tyres that are just black and round? You might save money upfront, but the life cycle cost (LCC) of cheap tyres is actually higher than premium tyres when taking into consideration the shorter mileage, more frequent fitting cost, higher fuel consumption, as well as extra tyre disposal fees and your truck’s extra downtime loss. Read More

PBS Tyre Review well underway

Following recommendations by road safety expert Dr John de Pont in his Review of Tyre Management Practices in the Australian PBS System, the NHVR has begun extensive testing on a range of tyres used on Performance Based Standards combinations. Read More